Christmas with Endo – Survived!

“Will I survive Christmas, will I spend it in bed or will I spend it with my family this year?” 

When you have a chronic illness such as Endometriosis, these are the kind of questions that you ask yourself. However, you can ask these kind of questions as much as you like; the main issue here is you have absolutely no control of when Endometriosis flares up or any chronic illness. This can quite often lead to being unable to plan anything or abandoning plans so you can spend the day in bed with your hot water bottle. Not because you’re being lazy, but because you’re in pain and need to rest. 

After having a flare up last week, resulting in me having to take the week off work to recover and give myself some self-care…. You can imagine that I was pretty petrified about still being in that flare up or simply having another one. Not only can we choose when it flares up, but we have no control of the length of each flare up. Furthermore, I also remember having a flare up last year on Boxing Day and spending majority of my day in bed. Being at my boyfriend’s house last year for Christmas, I felt like I was being unsociable and rude so tried to go downstairs and socialise as much as possible. Although, I knew that my body was telling me to rest. 

Overall this Christmas though, (after many prayers and hot water bottles), I have felt pain but it has not been to the extent of being bedbound which I am so grateful for. I have had an amazing Christmas spent with my family and friends even if it meant using so many hot water bottles that one somehow split in half and the heavens opened with hot water. Fortunately, I wasn’t too burnt after this event! Throughout Christmas, I have managed to: Attend Church, Spend time with my family, play games, eat Turkey and even found energy to go for a walk through 4 fields! Oh and of course…. I have eaten cheese and biscuits (Not recommended for people with Endometriosis), but hey-ho Christmas only comes every 365 days. Christ’s birth is worth all the cheese 😉 

I am so blessed to have not spent my Christmas in bed, although I am sure I will compensate for this at some point!! But I survived this Christmas for now and that’s all that matters. It’s the little things bless me so much with this illness! 


Enjoying a drink in celebration of not having a flare up this Christmas!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and has a happy 2019!

Lots of love,

Tamsin x


1 thought on “Christmas with Endo – Survived!”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am sorry you have to deal with endo. It’s nice to know we are not alone and all are suffering together at least. But still, wishing you a healthy and happy 2019!!!!❤️


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