Those days where energy just doesn’t exist ..


This week has been one of those weeks where I have been so energy-less and have had no motivation, physically or mentally. A really good example of explaining how I have felt this week and ironically it actually happened to me, its like when you get  new shoes and they rub your feet. You think that once you have worn in the shoes it will wear off  and they will stop rubbing but with Endometriosis, it’s not quite like that. It’s just constant and pure exhaustion, that goes on and on!

Exhaustion is making me feel like giving up on everything, e.g university work, my job, relationships… but I read the bible and it tells me that, Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28. All week, I have been in the midst of applying this verse to my life and trying to see peace amongst the chaos. Although exhausted, this verse makes me realise I can place my burdens on the Lord and he will carry them and he will carry me through. That’s why he died for us so that we could be set free from all our fears, battles and troubles. Every day I still believe I can be healed and believe the same for everyone else.

Throughout the week, people have been telling me that I need to rest but in all fairness, it feels so impossible when we are so caught up in all life’s events. Therefore, the question is, how can we get a balance of rest and doing? As a result of me questioning and wanting to take action, I am intending to start up a diary and ensuring that I keep at least a day to rest. This is going to be very challenging for me as I always like to be on the go and hate those days where my endometriosis is so bad that all I can do is sleep. I need to reassure myself that its okay to stop serving sometimes and let others do it instead.   At the moment, I do not feel like I am having enough rest which is why I am feeling so mentally and physically exhausted. I feel the main issue with endometriosis is that you can get 12 hours sleep and wake up still feeling knackered still. Therefore, I feel like it’s important to rest but at the same time, still keep active when you can. Its a no win game really…but hey that’s all in this life we have and we have to somehow deal with it!

Sorry that this is a bit of a depressing and morbid post but sometimes its nice to let out how you feel! Hope you are all keeping strong and haven’t felt as exhausted as me this week!

Hope you enjoyed the read and enjoy the weekend!

Tamsin xo



2 thoughts on “Those days where energy just doesn’t exist ..”

  1. Love this. I’ve been struggling with endo and other chronic conditions, and it’s so disheartening. The lack of energy and times of debilitating pain are the hardest parts. My sleep is also so restless. Thank you for the words of comfort and wisdom. 🙂

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