A day of positivity..


Today, I went to placement. I was debating whether to go this morning as my legs were aching and I had a stabbing pain in my back. All because of Endometriosis on a flare up, I reckon. In the end though, I decided to go because I know that working with the special needs always brightens my day and leaves my heart overflowing with joy.

Once I arrived at placement, I found out we were going to a place called St Ives. I was really concerned that we were going to be walking miles and I didn’t feel in a fit state to do that today! It was a bit of adventure on the minibus, but that’s what life should be like. We got to St Ives and it really wasn’t as horrendous as I thought. Just hearing the waves crash against the shore, the wind howl against my ears, although completely windswept, Β it soothed my mind and turned all negative thoughts into something positive. There was not a soul in sight, just us from placement, making it entirely peaceful.

Based on my reflections of the day, there was something that really stood out for me and inspired me. At placement, there’s a blind student, we had only been outside for about 10 minutes and he decided that he couldn’t stand no more of the bitter cold air and the walking so he decided to turn back. Half hour passed and before we knew it, he was coming back to join us on our walk. What really inspired me was that he was able to carry on and the fact he’s blind was not going to prevent him from doing and being part of the walk. My heart suddenly shuddered as I thought to myself, ‘what a good lad for not being defeated and carrying on like a true soldier’. It made me think, I couldn’t imagine being blind, not being able to see anything of the world, I just can’t stop thinking about how isolating that must be! I feel like as Endo Warriors we should be strong, because although we are constantly in pain, we still can see the beauty of the world. It showed me that although my legs were heavy and my back was stabbing, I was going to persevere, just like he was doing!

It made me stop and realise that really this life isn’t that bad and there are always people who have worst. So smile, reflect and be strong because if he could still carry on today then so can we. There’s nothing stopping us! Remind yourself everyday that there’s nothing to stop you from being who you want to be, always keep persevering!

Hope you enjoyed the read! Just viewed today as a rather interesting and vibrant day 😊

Tamsin x x x


7 thoughts on “A day of positivity..”

  1. Hi Tamsin,

    Have just discovered your blog, and am enjoying reading it. So you work with people who have special needs? I used to be a Teacher Aide and loved it, but unfortunately now have had to take on a job that is less strenuous. I do miss it though – there’s nothing to brighten your day like helping young people discover new skills I found.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day in a beautiful spot! Looking forward to reading more posts soon.

    Caroline xx

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    1. Hi Caroline,
      I am glad you are enjoying reading my blog! It’s a placement I do for my university course but I want to do it as a career! I am so sorry that you have had to step down from your career and that you miss it 😦 Hopefully, one day you will be able to get back into it one day! Its difficult though,! Thank you! Will keep writing! Stay strong!

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      1. Hi Tamsin,

        I’m loving your blog for sure! Always nice to connect with others online, especially those living life with similar health issues. I hope that this placement for your Uni course opens doors into working in this field since you’re enjoying it so much. It is sad that I’ve had to step down, but I figure that I’m doing the best thing I can for my health at the moment. Hopefully I can get involved in a volunteer or other role supplementary to my current work in the future though, so that I can still be involved somehow.

        You take care and stay strong too, and I’ll be sure to follow your journey.
        Caroline xx

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