Days of many emotions…

Does anyone get those days where they just feel so drained of energy from pain with Endometriosis that they lose energy mentally? Well that’s me today, completely drained.

The slightest things really wind me and make me grouchy. But do you know what, I have come to understanding, that’s it’s okay to not be okay some days. At the end of the day, we are all humans and there is only so much we can take and do.  An example of this is, if you hold emotions in… Take a cup, fill it with water and if we keep filling it up it overflows. This is just like reality. We are not created perfect, but we are all special in our own way. And,although we don’t see that at times,there is a God who still loves no matter what. The reason why we were given this condition was because God knew we’re strong enough to fight the toughest of battles.

There are other days, where my heart overflows with joy and even though I am in pain, I only see the goodness and beauty of the world. This is completely a different outlook to the day I have had today..  I did not see beauty in the world when I got pooped on by a bird. But, however I will still choose to admire nature and the world in the foreseeable future!

This is a quick read but I just wanted to put the message across… that it’s okay not to be okay but it means having time to think and rest.  I am currently not okay but I know that there are better days are ahead, I will not let Endometriosis beat me! Keep Strong all of you are suffering!

Lots of love x x x



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