Does anyone get those questions with Endo that they just don’t know how to answer?

Okay so since I have had this condition, I don’t know about you guys, but there are always questions which I don’t know how to answer.. And one of them being, “Are you feeling better now”…  I love when people ask this because it suggests that people really do care about me and my wellbeing which does make me feel lovely. It’s not really a question that annoys me as such. However, I never really know how to answer it because there’s never a day where I am pain free or not fatigued from the condition. I have good and bad days with it and I can never tell how I am going to be. I think in this matter of the question, it’s about being strong and saying “Yes I’m not too bad thanks, but just taking one day at a time!”,  even though you know you will never feel 100%. Remaining positive to people is key as there are people in the world who have worst things happen to them such as cancer or losing a parent etc. That must be so hard, I am not sure I’d be strong enough to handle something like that but I guess when you have no choice but to be strong then that’s what you do and enjoy the little things more. We are still living and will continue to fight strongly!

Secondly, a question that really riles me the most is when you have an Endo belly and people ask you, “When’s it due”. There is nothing more frustrating and infuriating! This has happened to me before and I haven’t known where to look and think to myself, do I just say… “It’s a food baby?!?!” or do I just tell the truth and say “No I am not pregnant. It’s actually called an ‘Endo belly’. As annoying as it is at the time, I think it’s paramount to see past this and think positively that as Endo Warriors, we are made to be like this and that it’s not fat but a part of our identity and who we are. Although, saying that, you should never let Endometriosis define who you are! But remember it’s is important at the same time to watch our diets so avoiding eating gluten and dairy plays an essential part in not bloating and having what is known as an Endo belly!

The last question that really frustrates me occasionally is: “Will a hysterectomy help it?” As much as I’d do anything to kill the pain and have thought about having a hysterectomy…I am 20 and would still like to try and have the chance to have children. Not only that, but hysterectomies do not always get rid of the pain anyway, I have heard of people having hysterectomies and the pain is still there. As much as it infuriates me, I always put a smirk on my face and say to others that “One day I am not going to let Endo beat me, I am going to have a family, no matter how long it takes or how many treatments I have to go through so hysterectomies are just a no no,no win game!

Keep positive! Hope you enjoyed the read! 📖 😊

Tamsin xox


4 thoughts on “Does anyone get those questions with Endo that they just don’t know how to answer?”

  1. They told me I would never have children. I have two miracles. Don’t give up on that. I had them with one tube blocked and the other partially blocked.

    I had the hysterectomy after and it didn’t help bc endo is estrogen dependent and my ovaries were retained.

    Keep working with the diet ….it helps. Keep fighting and don’t give up or in.

    Some days are really hard but hold on. We are warriors. We will win.


    1. That’s amazing, so happy for you! Also really reassuring to me, so thank you for sharing with me! I will try not to give up and will try to keep positive 🙂 I will definitely keep working on diet, cutting gluten out at min and it seems to be working! Thank you, yes we will win! Good attitude there 😊


  2. Hi lovely, you are right in saying a hysterectomy doesn’t completely help with the pain but having laparoscopic removal of the endometriosis has made a HUGE impact in my life. I am about 2 years behind on my blog, but I will be writing about that soon so stay tuned. The surgery has helped with 80% of my pain but it has not completely gotten rid of it. This again has to do with chronic pelvic pain, spasming muscles and the re-wiring of those nerves and our brain. It’s all very complicated but I will be writing about that as well. I would also recommend a FODMAP diet (includes gluten free). That has made a big difference for me. It is great that you have gotten this diagnosis so early (as I didn’t get mine till I was 30). I would have been way more proactive had I known about it earlier. Chronic pain is just the worst! Keep striving to be proactive in your treatments and health. It is a REALLY long journey and I don’t know if we will ever be pain free, but there are things we can do to help. Good luck hun.

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